FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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I thought ALS Freight Management offered only LTL transportation solutions. They do truckload freight, too?
Yes, in a couple of ways. Utilizing its truckload transportation partner, ALS Transport, ALS Freight Management can offer a single point of contact for heavier transportation requirements as well as LTL. Volume and truckload quotes are also available as a value-added service of the LTL Rater System.
What areas does ALS Transport currently serve?
Mainly the southeastern and midwestern US, along with some lower northeastern US. The volume and truckload services offered by the LTL Rater System cover the entire continental U.S.
What types of service does ALS Transport offer?
Dry van, flat bed, reefer, and intermodal container. Theses modes are also available through the LTL Rater.
Does ALS Transport do HazMat?
Not at this time, although quotes can be provided for such from carriers through the LTL Rater.
Should parties interested in dedicated delivery consider ALS Transport?
Certainly. ALS Transport currently holds dedicated delivery contracts servicing its clients' customers daily and weekly, currently in AL, LA, and MS. ALS Transport has decades of dedicated delivery experience serving local, regional and national accounts.
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